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Choosing the Right Workout Apparel

When you are getting ready to get into shape through one of the various forms of exercise, you'll often think long and hard about what type of exercise routine is best. People put a lot of time and research into finding an exercise routine that is going to provide them with the desired results, such as body sculpting, weight loss, or strength building.

However, one aspect involved is the apparel that is worn during these workouts. Not many people realize how important it is to choose the right apparel, and this can even make a difference in the success of the exercise routine. By knowing what kind of apparel is best, you'll be able to put on the right gear to exercise and improve your workout routine results.

Choosing the Right Workout Apparel


While you may think that any old pair of sneakers is good enough for proper protection and traction while working out, the truth is that what you put on your feet is probably the most important decision you'll make. When shoes do not fit correctly, they can actual cause damage to the bones of the foot over time, leaving you unable to complete the various exercise routines. The right pair of shoes will provide your feet with the comfort needed and the traction required for quick movements while exercising.

Workout Apparel

For a good fit, choose shoes that do not have too much space in the front. While you may think that the added space would be better for exercising, this actually allows for the front of your feet to suffer from constant impact. Good workout shoes should fit closely to your toes, while also having padding in the front area that will add to the comfort of the shoes. Other than close fitting in the front, the sides should also be high, stable, and padded, which will provide your ankles with the stability to perform quick movements without injury.

The shoes you choose should also have a grip, but not so much of a grab that moving quickly becomes difficult. For example, shoes used for running would have too much of a grip and could make aerobic exercise difficult. Therefore, a light traction shoe is the best choice for that type of exercise. When in doubt, consult with the shoe salesperson to get advice on which shoes fit your type of workout.


While taking part in an exercise routine, the last thing you want to do is wear pants that are too tight and uncomfortable. Yoga style pants are ideal when it comes to exercising because they are not only lightweight, they offer a stretch, loose fit around the waist, and allow for movement. Workout pants need to be breathable, even if you'll be running outdoors on a cold day, because you don't want the heat from excising to become trapped under the pants. You also want to choose pants that fit well and offer you the ability to move without hesitation.


The shirts that are worn during exercise are best when made of light cotton fabric. Many people think that spandex -like material is a great choice for exercising, but this material can actually cause sweat to get trapped underneath and the body to overheat. If cotton is not for you, choose a fabric that provides wicking. This means it draws the sweat away from the body. Good choices are clothes made from polypropylene, which contains Coolmax or Supplex fibers. These help to manage the body temperature and control sweat.


Women need to wear a durable support bra while exercising, particularly one that is labeled as a "sports bra." Avoid flimsy materials that do not hold the breasts from moving during activity. For men, a protective cup should be won during all contact sports. 

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