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Outdoor Exercise : Plank, Run, Lunge, Boxing - Repeat!

Outdoor Exercise : Plank, Run, Lunge, Boxing - Repeat!

 Gym session outdoors. Not only is it cheaper (dem outdoor gyms have zero membership fees), doing a session outside means you’ll get some fresh air and some vitamin D to boot.

If you don’t get much of  a chance to get outdoors during your day, then doing a quick outdoor gym session that is high in intensity means you’ll probably finish your day on a higher point than if you did your gym session indoors, or you didn’t do any exercise at all.

If you’re short on inspiration for what to actually do once you’re outside, then the following exercises should give you a starting point.

Outdoor Exercise : Plank, Run, Lunge!

The exercise that inspired the title of this article (I couldn’t think of a more technical term) is one of my favourites. It is done between pairs, and works best when there are multiple pairs – having teams adds a competitive touch.

Ok, so once you’re in a pair, designate partner A as the first runner. The distance of the run is up to you to decide, however I would recommend setting a distance of at least 30m to run up and then back (so 60m in total).

Once they’re back to their starting point, partner A performs 40 jumping lunges (where you’re doing 40 lunges in the same position, alternating between legs, and jumping between each lunge).

While person A is slaving away, person B is doing the arguably harder part of the routine. They’re holding a plank position for the entire duration of partner A’s gig.

Ouch. Make sure you’re paired with someone who likes you, because they control how long you’re planking for!

You can see how having multiple pairs would improve this exercise. People will probably work harder and faster, meaning the planking person is (ideally) holding their (perfectly flat) position for a shorter amount of time.

Outdoor Exercise : Boxing

Another good exercise to get the heart rate up is boxing, which is perfect for those who are short of time. Once again, this one needs to be done in pairs (see we’re making you exercise and be social simultaneously) and again is better with multiple pairs. If it’s just two of you working out together; then it’s just a really tough arm workout. If there’s multiple pairs; then you can turn it into a whole body sweat off.

To start, get yourself some basic boxing gloves. These cost about $15, from Rebel sport (found in civic) and you only need one set since you’ll be sharing them – so it’s quite cheap. You also don’t really need to bother with pads, unless you want to look professional and like you’re giving your partner grief with your epic punches.

The workout goes as follows. One person boxes, whilst the other holds out their hands, and prepares for impact. Now, do each of the following sets, back to back with as little rest time between as possible.

60 seconds of quick jabs

60 seconds of hook punches

60 seconds of uppercut punches

60 seconds of quick (speed) punches. The resting partner should hold their two hands together at around eye levels as the boxing partner hits them lightly with the outer side of their gloves, as quickly as possible.

Remember to give it your all – and the resting partner should be cheering you on, urging you to give it you all. Have a 30 second-1 minute rest before swapping with your partner. Have 3 rounds each for a very intense and quick 30 minute arm workout. As a disclaimer – you’ll probably be hating us the next day as you struggle to even squeeze the toothpaste out of its tube. Or reach for anything above waist level – but you’ll thank us in a few days when your arms are more sculpted for it!

Outdoor Exercise : Plank, Run, Lunge, Boxing - Repeat!

If you have multiple partners, you can do a longer full body workout by doing different exercises which the boxing couple has the boxing gloves. Think of 4 different exercises to do for 60 seconds each, and do them twice each, as each of the pair has a turn at boxing. Think lunges, jump squats, planks, wall sits – anything!

So there you have them; two of our favourite workout routines that you can do anywhere outside. No more sweaty machines; no more smelly gyms; and certainly no more awkward eye contact with the man eye-balling himself as he curls weights in front of the mirror… 

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