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Tricks of Makeup - How to use makeup tricks

There are so many tricks that you can use in order to creating a flawless looking appearance for your skin. Whether you suffer with blemishes, red skin tone, dark circles, or other skin problems, you can use makeup to enhance your appearance and conceal imperfections.

Tricks of Makeup - How to use makeup tricks


If you are looking to hide problem areas on your skin, you'll need to know what kind of makeup to use on these areas. You want to choose a cover-up stick or foundation that is creamy, with medium weight coverage. Liquid cover-up will not provide you with the coverage that you need to hide a blemish. When choosing the shade for covering up a blemish, you want to select a color that is the same as your skin, as this will keep attention away from the area. Also, the best way to cover up the blemish is to use a concealer blush. This type of blush allows you to cover up each section of the blemish completely, and get full control over the amount of coverage that you use.

After you have applied the cover-up to the blemish, you'll want to set it so that it stays in place throughout the day. By using a sheer powder, which is applied to the area with your index finger or a powder puff, you'll be able to set the makeup in place and keep your blemish covered throughout the day.

Makeup Red Skin Tone

When you're trying to hide red areas on your skin, regardless of the cause, you need to use a concealer stick that has a green-based tone. The green coloring in the makeup stick neutralizes the redness of the skin, whereas red-based cover up may actually make the area look worse. Once you apply the concealer to your skin, you'll want to dab the area with a foundation that matches your regular skin tone and set that with a powder. This will prevent the makeup from coming off throughout the course of the day.

Dark Circles

For people with dark circles under the eyes, it is nearly impossible to cover the area with a traditional concealer or makeup. Many times when you apply cover up to these dark areas, it will actually cause the skin to look darker and puffier in appearance. Instead of using a traditional concealer, you'll want to use a cover up stick with a yellow tone. The yellow coloring of the concealer will brighten the darkness, and you can then set the area with a powder.

Face Shape

To make your face appear more oval, blushes and bronzes are the best tools for the job. For those looking to create a symmetrical look, you can apply bronzer on the chin and the two outer corners of your forehead. The trick to this method is to apply only a light coat, which will create the desired appearance without drawing attention to the area. You can also define your cheekbones by running a blush brush with bronzer from the apple of your cheek to the top of your ear. It is important that you use only a light coating and then blend the areas evenly to create a flawless and natural look.

A Healthy Glow

If your skin is looking pasty, the best way to create a healthy glow is to reach for your bronzer and self-tanner. These two products can be used together in order to create the perfect healthy glow. While applying the self-tanner, you want to be sure to exfoliate first, and then use small amounts. Once you have completed the application, allow the tanner to set over a few hours before moving onto the bronzer application.

The bronzer you choose depends on the look you are trying to create. For example, if you're looking to create a dewy look, choosing a gel bronzer will help you to achieve this. When you are applying the bronzer in any form, you want to be sure to apply it to the areas where the sun would hit your face naturally. These areas include your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. You also want to apply a layer to your neck and chest to blend the glow together.

When choosing the right color for your bronzer, select one that has brown tones with a hint of red in order to achieve the most natural looking appearance. You want to avoid orange, glimmer, and frosty colors, as this looks unnatural and is not very appealing to the eye.

Less is More

When applying blush, always remember that less is more. Too much blush is going to make you look unnatural and draw attention to the brightly colored areas of your face. Also, for those who have small eyes, using too much eye liner can actually make your eyes look smaller. 

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