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Body sculpting workout female - do it with your bff

 Strong is the New Skinny, So Hit the Weight Room With Your BFF!

body sculpting workout plan

Every woman needs a loyal girlfriend by her side. After all, where would you possibly be without the support of your friends listening to you recall the events of a first date, or giving you their feedback over your latest biggest shopping splurge. You depend on their support to lift you up when you're down, so why not take them into the area of your life you could use the most support in - the weight room? 

There's no better way to multitask the most important hour of your day - the hour devoted to fitness - than by having a good friend keep you motivated. And don't worry about bulking up. The weight room isn't what you should be fearful of. What you should fear is never lifting a weight at all, because as studies prove, with age, comes the loss of muscle.

BFF with your exercise plan

Are you ready to feel better about yourself in between the sheets and out on the town? Whether you have gained some weight recently, or just want to make small improvements in your already petite frame, the fact is this: with age, and for women especially, your body changes. Your metabolism slows down. You weight gradually increases. And, over time, your confidence can be drastically affected. Beat all of this to the punch by adding in a weekly weight program to your exercise plan - and get your bff along for the ride.

body sculpting workout plan

Grab a Buddy, There's nothing you can't accomplish by yourself, but together, you and your girlfriend, neighbor, childhood friend or co-worker can become a stronger, fitter, more confident and empowered unit of success…one weight at a time.

body sculpting tips with your bff

Here are some ideas to get you started on the buddy system, and how to make it work for you:

She doesn't let you fall...or fail.  How often do your cheat on your diet or on the duration of your exercise? So many of us have determined goals we insist on meeting (such as jogging for 45 minutes on the treadmill) but what happens after twenty minutes and you're daydreaming about burgers for dinner? Without a buddy next to you and working on a similar goal (who's not giving in to the taco temptation) you won't as easily cut your workout short.

Her body is the one you'd die to have. It's one thing to be competitive with yourself ("I can lift one more set! C'mon me!") but competition goes to a whole new level when you're competing with your best friend, who has lean legs you'd die for.  After all, don't you want to look as good as she does in a bikini by next month?

You'll eliminate negative gossip and bond over something positive.  The harder you work out and the cleaner you eat, the faster you'll lose weight and see the improvements of your strong self. Dance, kick box, run, and complete your daily sit-ups with someone who can make you laugh, is willing to trade iPods to switch up music lists with you,  who comforts you when you complain and give you a tough love talk when you need that push to keep going.

If you love to treat yourself to a special spa getaway several times a year with your best friend, why not make a pact - whoever loses inches along their waistline by October, has to treat the other to a hot stone massage? It doesn't matter what your goals are - losing weight, gaining muscle, or preparing for your first marathon - but how you accomplish them. Work out with a friend, and you're giving yourself three times the chance of succeeding. Reap the benefit of long lasting fitness, while basking in a stronger bond with your partner in crime, and you may have just found the secret to lifelong happiness!

As you get fit, toned, sculpted and trim in every way you only once imagined, thank your friend. She's not just helping you raise the bar for yourself, but she's allowing you to be stronger, empowered, confident, assured and happier. And when you're the happiest you can be, you're unstoppable. There's nothing - inside or outside of the weight room you can't tackle, lift, curl or move without success.

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