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How To Manifest Your Dream Body

 Your thoughts aren’t just mere flittering feelings, opinions and attitudes. They are your reality as you know it today.

You aren’t getting ahead in your career, but it isn’t random. Neither is your pattern of getting involved with married men. And the same goes for your body. Everything that isn’t perfect in your life, that you aren’t satisfied with and find meaning from, come from a bigger source than outside circumstances – they come from you.

How To Manifest Your Dream Body

Manifest Your Dream Body

Put out negative thoughts, feelings and attitudes about your body, and the Universe will answer you with more of the same. Feel like you’re the victim of an overweight figure because you don’t have the resources or time to spend working out and getting fit It sounds like you have felt like this for a while, and you know what You always will. The Universe will always grant your wish for a body that’s not nearly perfect enough, and this cycle will continue indefinitely, as long as you continue to perpetuate negative thoughts.

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Your body is a manifestation of your thoughts, so make them good! Here’s our guide to accelerate your thought process, and correctly use the law of attraction to attract the body of your dreams!

The ‘Rules’ of Attracting Your Dream Body

The law of attraction for the body you want (and everything else you want in life) works like this – positive thoughts will give you positive results, and negative thoughts will give you negative results. If you focus on everything your body isn’t – it isn’t thin enough, it isn’t sculpted enough, and it’s isn’t the weight you’d like, the Universe responds and gives you back plenty of ‘not good enough’ from head to toe. Literally.

Common sense tells you that if you want to have a lean, muscular body, think about yourself in that manner. Easier said than done, because there is right way and a wrong way to attract a body you’ll love. So keep reading.

Perfect your body

What Are You Willing to Let Go Of, and Bring Into Your Life.
Your body should be treated like a temple, but that requires a healthy mindset from the time you wake up, to the time you go to bed. It’s a daily practice – that requires a conscious thought process in order to be successful. Don’t wait another minute, another day, another year to start living the life you need to be happy. Start today with a single, positive thought and change the way you look at your health, and how you feel about the skin you’re in.

Part of attracting your ideal body is letting go of self-sabotage, and ideas and opinions you have about what you can control and what you can’t. The truth You have total control over every aspect of your health and fitness (and then some!) Start with this very moment. Make a list of everything that has ever held you back from eating the right foods, stop smoking or drinking, and regularly working out. What’s stopped you from losing weight, and keeping it off permanently

Make a list of everything you can think about, and then for every reason listed, make another list of your ideal body –and this is the kicker – as if you already have it. Place this second list on your bathroom mirror (or anywhere else where you can focus on it daily) and begin visualizing your body as you want it to be.

How Will That Killer Body Make You Feel

As one of the most crucial components of successfully attracting your dream weight, focus on the sensation of every inch of your body. It doesn’t matter if you want to lose a tremendous amount of weight, or just a little. It doesn’t matter if you want to eat smaller portions, and curb your sweet tooth, indefinitely. Whatever your goals are, act if they are already a reality.

Focus on your killer body that other would kill for. Focus on the feelings you now have of confidence, self-assurance, and empowerment.

Attracting your body isn’t a miraculous cure for weight loss or confidence, in the way a magician can saw a woman in half. That’s an illusion, while the law of attraction is not. It’s a reality, and when you apply these tips to your exercise and diet routine, you’ll discover one key element you were drastically missing before that dream body you used to think you’d never attain, was in you all along.

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