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Keep Your Waistline with Inner Happiness

 It’s not me, but my metabolism. I just don’t have the time to cook healthy dishes for myself. I can’t work out regularly with my demanding work schedule. Do any of these excuses sound familiar?

Instead, why not think this – All that I think, and all the excuses I make for myself is manifested in my body. Overweight and not loving it? Try looking inwards. In other words, let your happiness dictate your physical appearance.

Tired of not feeling like you’ll ever get that body back after becoming a mother? Hate working at a desk 40+ hours a week, and living a sedentary life all around?

Change your thoughts, and change your body

It’s as simple as that.
Having a healthy, lean, fit body isn’t as easy as it looks. But it’s also not as hard as you think, either. If you can’t stand your thighs, your mid-section, your shoulders, your back end, there’s one simple trick to adapting a whole new body. And it starts with a brand new mindset.
Switch up your negative mindset for a positive, self-affirming one, and you’ll trim your body into one you love – guaranteed.

Most of us think that if only we had a faster metabolism, or were born with better genes, or if we only had the time in our week to work out as much as we’d like, then we could have a body we loved. If only you could afford to buy those expensive fat burning supplements….if only you could be strong enough to resist your sweet tooth…if only you had what it takes to get back into the size you were as a teenager. Guess what? You can, and you can do it all on your own. But this time, you’re doing it on your terms – no fad diets included.

Here’s your guide to a transformative mindset, so you can create a transformative body.

Happiness Inside Equals Happiness Outside

Your body is yours. No one else’s. So why would you want to be anything less than blissfully happy about it?

Turning a positive corner (from your usual negative emotions about how you look) is as easy as switching the happiness light on from within. Not sure how to keep your focus on fitness merry, cheery and bright? It’s as simple as replacing each negative thought with a positive one.

If you’re walking outside and notice someone who has the body you would kill for, it’s natural to think, “I could never look as good as she does.” It’s ok to think that, as long as you commit to replacing that thought with a positive one. We can’t stop negativity from seeping into our consciousness. We’re not robots, we’re human, and it’s only natural. But the longer we focus on our negative thoughts, the greater of a chance they have to manifest into our body and become the reality we know our bodies to be today. Switch out that negative thought for something like this: “I’m lucky to have such a strong body. Today, I’m going to end this walk with a ten minute jog and focus on making progress towards my fitness goals.”

keep your body healthy

It’s a journey – your journey to a fit and toned body, not a destination. If you’re used to hitting the bar bells, squats and raising your heart rate on the treadmill for weeks, only to give up without seeing much improvement, you’re not alone. But, you’re also giving up before your body has a chance to improve.

Your body is a temple, not a landmine. It needs the chance to manifest the determination you have to see through weeks and months of your dedication, and perseverance.  Before heading for a greasy meal packed with your favorite high fat comfort foods, try this: Don’t give in. Don’t give up. And before you know it, you’ll feel better in your skin than you ever have.

Focus on being goal driven, instead of instant gratification driven. Each large goal you have, such as losing all of your baby weight, or increasing your endurance, or becoming a kickboxing expert is about accomplishing daily goals.

The big goal of becoming leaner and stronger isn’t about the end result. It’s about the journey along the way – those micro-accomplishments that may not seem like you’re making headway, but you are. They are the essential step to earning that body you want, that you deserve, and that deep down, you know you can create for yourself.

Being Grateful for the Healthy Body You Have

Many people – women and men alike – make the following mistake: they spend their time daydreaming about what they can’t have, instead of focusing on what they already have. Are you focusing on what you lack ---- such as negative thoughts that you’ll never be able to run a marathon, you’ll never fit into your skinny jeans, or you’ll never have a slim waistline like you once did?

Try this, and transform your body right now – Focus on feelings of gratitude for all that you have. Focus on the fact that you have a pain free body. Focus on your long flowing, gorgeous hair. Focus on your strong shoulders that allow you to carry your children with ease.

Now, take it one step further, by picturing in your mind the body that you want. Do you see it in your mind? Hold it there for a few minutes. Imagine running your first marathon with ease. Imagine slipping into an outfit that is your ideal size. Imagine feeling more confident than you have ever felt, because of your fit, healthy, and toned body. Keep these feelings of gratitude with you as you go about your day, and as you go through your workouts.

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It will help you bypass thoughts of negativity, of “I can’t” and transform them into “I can. I am already doing it.” And relax. The best part about developing the body you want is that it’s in your control. It’s on you. And when you develop a healthy mindset, your body will manifest that change  to reveal a brand new and improved you – with a smaller waistline, toned legs, flat abs and a buff back in tow.

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