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Top 5 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights

 You're a woman, and that's means you're not just capable of making as much as your male co-workers, can multitask better than the opposite sex and often cause an entire room to stop what they're doing and stare at you the moment you walk through it.

You're also a woman who thrives on being as sexy and sculpted as possible.

Fitness for women

You know that being fit isn't just a number on the scales. It's about owning and taking responsibility for your muscles, your longevity and youthful glow; your bone health and strong, durable joints (which for you, means less time in front of your iPad checking out Facebook and more time lifting and lunging in the weight room).

Top five reasons to get your muscles moving

Here are the top five reasons to get your muscles moving from within best workout programs for women and as a result, you'll become the happy, go-for-your-dreams visionary you know deep down you are.

Lifting weights has the potential to be a fountain of youth for you.  Studies have found that women who lift weights don't just lose fat, burn more calories and get toned; they also look younger! Not a bad bonus to working out in the weight room, eh?

Make 2022 the year you say goodbye to the belly budge, as well as the fear that picking up some dumbbells will turn you into a female bodybuilder. As you age, you will lose muscle mass, so by lifting weights, you're toning what you have today, in order to keep it tomorrow.

You'll give your metabolism the kick start it needs for successful weight loss.  You may be tempted to buy expensive metabolism booster pills, but nothing works for the long term – and produces the best and most successful lasting body – than strength training. Who knew that three 30 minute strength training intervals each week could blast the fat from your body quicker than you can imagine toned thighs and six pack abs?

Start by toning your thighs with lunges, then move on to the shoulder press, bicep curl and squats. Finish with additional reps of your designated 'problem spots,' and repeat three times more during the week.

You'll lose your jiggle in the mid-section.  If you're just putting in cardio-time, you're really not doing yourself any favors. Why? Because while running, skipping, jumping and even dancing your way to good heart health is important, it's not doing one thing for your curves – which, as a woman, you should accentuate, not hide under your natural body shape.  

Focus on a strength training program to compliment the cardio hours you're putting in, and as you lose weight, your body will tighten up in all the places you need it to most.

You'll no longer sweat by little details.  Studies show that women (and men for that matter) who burn calories, blast fat and boost their metabolism with lifting weights also boost their threshold for stress. Feeling emotional these times, or hyper-sensitive about your latest feedback about your job performance? Don't sweat it. Instead, sweat it out in the weight room, and you'll surge ahead in your work week with confidence.

You'll wear your skinny jeans with confidence.  One of the best things about being the successful, talented, and intelligent woman you are is the ability to change what's no longer working in your life, in order to get what you want to be happiest. And isn't being happy about being 100% confident with the body you have?

You deserve to wear what you want to, from the skinniest of jeans to the form fitting of designer brand blouses. If that means you need to improve the muscle mass of your shoulders, back, or biceps to wear it comfortably and confidently, than do it! Spend a short 30 minutes, three times a week in the weight room, stay motivated and keep focused on the end result.

It won't be long before you'll put on your skinny jeans and top, feel better than you have in years and wonder why it took you so long to feel this good. Let's face it -- the biggest benefit to sculpting your body through strength training isn't even how amazing you'll look. It's how confident, happy and radiant you feel inside, which always translates to how you look on the outside.

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