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Want a Keeps on Giving? Ask for a Fast Metabolism

 You’ve been good this year, which means you’re on Santa’s nice list. Now it’s time to receive a present this holiday season that will keep giving back to you – a supercharged, revved up metabolism that burns calories and blasts fat all day long.

Want a Keeps on Giving? Ask for a Fast Metabolism

You know that a good diet consists of healthy fats, high fiber and protein. You commit to exercising a minimum of three times a week, at thirty minute intervals. You stay away from processed foods, such as chips, cookies and fast food.

You reject any enticing offer to purchase fat burners and engage in fad diet schemes. You’re healthy, and in general, you feel good (but you still want to lose your mid-section excess weight.) So why isn’t your body responding as it should?

As your age changes, so does your metabolism. It’s a harsh reality, but just as you change your anti-aging skin care regime, you need to switch up your foods and diet tools to compensate for a slower metabolism. So we must know what is the metabolism process?

What is the metabolism?

Metabolism is the set of life-sustaining chemical reactions in organisms. The conversion of food energy into energy available to power cellular operations; the conversion of food into building blocks for proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, and certain carbohydrates; and the removal of metabolic wastes are the three basic functions of metabolism.

Simply it's the processes your body uses for normal functioning and sustaining life, such as converting food and drink to energy and constructing or repairing your body.

In case you haven’t heard, your metabolism is what’s responsible for the rate in which your burn calories – how fast, slow or insufficient you are burning and blasting that high calorie lunch you just ate, or how infrequently you consume meal to meal. And when you apply the following tips to your life, you won’t just look better, you’ll feel amazing.

Maintaining metabolism

Here are the top factors that can slow your metabolism–and the steps you can take to keep it going strong.

Know Your Target Calorie Intake

Do you sit all day, or move around from place to place? Here’s the rule about metabolism, and after you know it, you don’t have an excuse for surpassing it again. If you’re active (that is, you work out regularly, eat small and frequent meals throughout the day and eat sensibly) you should aim for no more than 1,400-1,600 calories. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, cut that daily amount by 500 calories.

Fuel Up on Fiber

Give up your need for obsessive calorie counting, and loading up on a fruit and vegetable-only diet. That’s not the way to lose your belly, thigh and butt fat. What will cause a total body makeover is filing up on fiber (and protein) first thing in the morning, and continuing that trend throughout the day.

Steer Clear of Alcohol

One drink during happy hour is ok. But think twice before ordering another – two alcoholic drinks can actually lower your metabolic rate. Who knew? Now you do, so while celebrating the end of your work week with your co-workers, grab a glass of water. Not only will you help mellow out your buzz, but you’ll wash away the regret that comes with knowing better. (Your figure will thank you for it later.)

Boost Your Cardio Sessions

There’s no two ways about it. Whether you love intense cardio sessions or you loathe it, it’s fundamental in increasing your metabolic rate. An hour of cardio kickboxing, Zumba, Spin class or Interval Training, and you won’t just burn up to 800 calories – you’ll keep your metabolism burning at a higher rate than ever.

It’s time to shake up your stagnate metabolism, and start living your dream life in your dream body. When you focus on smart foods, frequent meals, and going outside your comfort zone with high impact cardio, you’ll stop daydreaming about having any body other than the one you currently have.

Own your body. Become empowered by your metabolism, and go to uncharted territory of weight loss success!

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