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Cheap Exercise Equipment

The best home workout equipment

 Exercise has numerous advantages: it improves your physical condition, boosts your self-esteem, lowers your long-term health care costs, and improves your thinking.

However, for many people, going to the gym for exercise is an expensive habit. Even at the most affordable gyms, the cost of membership adds up to hundreds of dollars per year and can quickly climb into the thousands at a top-tier gym.

Bringing the exercise equipment you use the most into your home is one of the best ways to eliminate that ongoing expense.

I have been working out and doing bodybuilding for several years. Now and I have worked out at home as well as in a huge variety of gyms, and if push came to shove. I would choose the gym but if money is an obstacle in you achieving, Your bodybuilding goals then you may have to work out at home.

Now that is all well and good but you will still need a bench and some weights. I have a list of the most basic equipment, You will need to work out at home and achieve your goals of packing on muscle but it will still cost money.

Best ways to buy cheap exercise equipment

The best way by far is to look on eBay for cheap used exercise equipment or Facebook marketplace or perhaps in the paper under second hand articles. people always buy weight equipment with the best of interests at heart but always find that life gets in the way. So this is an ideal opportunity to get your hands on their unwanted weights for little money.

The best home workout equipment

Cheap Exercise Equipment - hbf website

Firstly you are going to need a good dumbbell and barbell set, it doesn’t matter how many weights come with them although the more the better, you can always buy these separately. I would say the minimum amount of weight you would need to work out at hoe would be about 100kg.

leg attachment - hbf website

Secondly you are also going to need a bench that has a leg attachment and an attachment for doing bench press, a fly attachment is not necessary as this can be done with dumbbells' for a better workout.

So there you have it that is all you really need when it comes to cheap exercise equipment for home although you could always add a separate bench for sit ups etc.. and add a full length mirror as you need to make sure your form is right.

Other pieces of equipment you could add are things like a dip machine although just having two bars sticking out of the wall will do.

Make it the same as your gym, I guarantee you can do all this for less than 3 months gym subscription, you just need the motivation to do it and get training, cheap exercise equipment is the way forward if you have no money, so good luck.

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